Wind Chime Creations

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With Artzooka Wind Chime Creation, kids can decorate their rooms with an accessory that's both colorful and musical! Kit contains 4 pop sticks, 26 colorful wooden beads, 3 containers of paint, 1 paintbrush, 3 bottle caps, 2 mini spools, wax cords and an instruction sheet. Artzooka is the brand that encourages boys and girls of all ages to use their creativity and imagination. By adding a pinch of Artzooka magic, they soon discover that they can create all kinds of neat things from everyday objects. With Artzooka, even items from the recycling bin can be transformed into adorable creatures and play characters. It's all how you look at things! From craft kits and activity books, to games and much more- Artzooka is a whole universe of fun that provides hours of playing and creating
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