susu2.jpgSu Su Yin comes from a small family in Tharbaung, Myanmar. Having a doctor for a father and a town administrative officer for a mother, she learned early of the tremendous and under-supplied need for medical help in her home country. Her passion to help others was soon leading her down the path to be in service to those in need.

Su Su studied at the University of Medicine in Yangon and became extremely interested in Physiology. After her internship, a free Muslim hospital caught her interest where she volunteered as a medical officer. She wanted to contribute to the community by providing access to the basic health survival needs. Her quest to continue to learn and grow led her to attend additional courses on Biostatics conducted by the Myanmar Medical Association where she focused on research methodology. In addition, she has attended intensive training on reproductive health services and disaster risk reduction to strengthen and widen her medical skills making her a very qualified medical trainer for the Myanmar Medical Association.

Su Su is continuing her academic growth and development and is now taking her master’s degree in Gender and Development Studies at the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok, Thailand.