nawpaw3.jpgNaw Paw, as the eldest daughter from a struggling family, always had the weight on her shoulders to mature quickly and tend to her siblings. Coming from Karen, Burma which was then in constant civil unrest, they had to sometimes hide in the forest to avoid abuse from the army. She had to support herself through school as a young student because her parents had very limited means.

Naw persevered and earned her degree in Psychology but while working as a consultant with a local NGO for troubled youth, she realized that her level of expertise was not enough. She was not able to provide the young people the proper help they desperately needed. In search of better opportunities and advanced education, she left Burma for Thailand.

Today, her focus is mainly on the younger generation who live in troubled communities. One day, she hopes to help shape policies and address mental health needs in her native land, Burma. As a counselor, she wants to guide them and give hope. She is now finishing her master’s degree in Counseling Psychology at Assumption University, Thailand.