i-loom - Infinity Starter Pack

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  • i-loom device
  • 6 spools of colored string
  • Full premium/ad free iOS app
  • 5 i-loom bracelet locks
  • 18 spool tags
  • 5 i-Patterns to use in i-loom app
  • Installation instructions


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    i-loom - Infinity Starter Pack

    i-loom / 24-Pack Assortment

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  • iLoom Starter Pack option 2

    i-loom - Infinity Starter Pack

    i-loom / 24-Pack Assortment
    i-loom - Tote Case

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    -$33.99 total savings.

Learn, make and share countless possibilities of friendship bracelets with the i-loom Starter Pack by Style Me Up. Use the device to set up your materials and keep them organized to maximize your knotting. Download the Premium i-loom App included in the set to learn various knotting techniques and complete simple to complex projects. Browse and choose from an ever-growing library of bracelet i-Patterns or create your own using the unique Pattern Creator. Visit the app to unlock up to 5 i- Patterns including Always Chevron and Jagged Arrowhead. Each Starter Kit includes 6 spools of colored string, numbered spool tags along with 3 basic and 2 deluxe locks to help you complete your creations. i-loom is the ultimate experience for both beginners and experts

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