The Frozen Portfolio


Explore endless color and design options with Disney’s Frozen Portfolio.

Let the world of Arendelle inspire you to design charming winter patterns, prints and gowns. With 62 sketching pages and 6 stencil sheets, you can let your imagination run away to faraway frozen kingdoms. Decorate your designs with over 125 stickers and engage even more with the story of Frozen with 24 storyline pages.

© 2016 Disney Enterprises, Inc.
  • 62 sketch pages
  • 6 stencil sheets
  • 125+ stickers 
  • 24 storylines
:Disney Frozen
Weight:1.76 (lb)
Dimensions:41.7 X 34 X 1.7 (cm)


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26arpi on 05-27-2016 wrote a comment...
StyleMeUp you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rihanna on 04-06-2016 wrote a comment...
Style me up crew you should really get a book fashion around the world and what diffrent people where you can make a very big book to explain and have every country in the world. What inspires them to make such clothes. It needs to be a big book for every city in that country what they wear. Alot of explaining for fashion purpose and at the end of the book you can have a questionnaire and in the book it can have the nails they do and the hair-do's. A small journal to write about what you learnt. You can have to tick your favourite clothes, nails and hair-do's. You can have a chapter for nails one for clothes and for hair-do's. In the explaining howw to do the hair-do's and the nails. You're the best. On the part for inspires you ask fashion journalists and write their names
CreeperGirl99 on 01-28-2016 wrote a comment...
Hey Style Me Up crew, keep on with the good work because you are the BEST! And please let everyone here in the community to let all your stuff and garments shoppable. Sincerly, CreeperGirl99
Thank you so much CreeperGirl99!