Princesses Watercolor Deluxe Kit


Draw, paint and decorate to reveal the sketch artist in you with Style Me Up Disney’s Princess Watercolor Deluxe Kit.

Discover fun watercolor techniques using paint and pencils to create your Princess-inspired fashion collection. Learn how to create a gradient effect, shadows and add highlights with pastel pencils for shape and texture.  Get creative filling pages of Ariel, Cinderella and Rapunzel illustrations with colorful designs. Use stickers to decorate your drawing with iconic accents like pearls, flowers and birds to make your creation truly Princess-worthy!

© 2016 Disney Enterprises, Inc.

  • 20 watercolor line drawings
  • 140+ masking stickers
  • 110+ stickers
  • 8 watercolor paints
  • 5 watercolor pencils
  • 2 paintbrush
  • 16 page watercolor guide
  • Portfolio
Weight:1.45 (lb)
Dimensions:36.5 X 30.5 X 2.2 (cm)
This item is coming soon.


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Raina on 06-30-2016 wrote a comment...
When Will These come out it saw it says New But When I click it says will be out soon
Hi! They should be available in the Fall.
GoCoasties on 03-27-2016 wrote a comment...
Which princesses are in this sketchbook? It is so hard to see them all in the picture... I will try to add this to my growing collection of Style ME Up! ;)
Hi! Cinderelle, Belle, ariel and Rapunzel - and they all look fabulous! We're happy you're enjoying our sketchbooks! Have fun:)