Crochet Away Activity Book


Whether you’re a beginner or have never picked up a crochet before, you’ll feel completely at ease with Style Me Up's Crochet Away Activity Book.

Discover a complete guide to all basic crochet techniques for beginners 8+! The instructions are detailed and illustrated to help quickly learn to crochet, master new stitches and complete a selection of cute and easy first crochet projects. Use the yarn, beads, buttons, chains and other craft materials to create beautiful wrap bracelets, necklaces, hairclips, pretty pom-poms and lots more. Yay for crochet!
  • 50-page inspiration book
  • 4 colors of yarn
  • 3 colors of pearl cotton thread 
  • 1 crochet 
  • 1 metal needle and 1 metal hairclip
  • 2 gold metallic chains 
  • 40 assorted color faceted beads
  • 70 small gold and silver metallic beads
  • 15 beads with gems
  • 3 decorative wooden buttons
  • 1 small butterfly charm
  • 1 leather cord and 1 suede cord
  • 9 big metallic jump rings
  • 4 ribbon crimps
  • Metallic components to attach bracelets and necklaces
:Style Me Up
Weight:1.76 (lb)
Dimensions:21.6 X 27.9 X 2.9 (cm)


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madjacqueline on 08-27-2016 wrote a comment...
Where can I buy from as live in corby Northants united kingdom
Rihanna on 04-06-2016 wrote a comment...
Can I get them in Kenya ? If yes where ?
twinklelovequeen on 03-26-2016 wrote a comment...
I love this! its like an beauty pagent.
louise on 12-22-2015 wrote a comment...
I woud like to give a subscription to my niece - how do I get? one
There is no subscription for the activity books.