String Along Craft Kit


Create your mini art gallery! Express your creativity with Style Me Up String Along string art kits.

Use stickers, rhinestones, beads and so much more colourful craft materials to decorate backgrounds and silhouettes. Use the 3 frames included in the craft set to showcase your works of art. String art is the perfect project to decorate your room, or make personalized gifts for your friends and family! DIY String Along kits are always a hit!
  • 3 cardboard silhouettes
  • 3 cardboard backgrounds
  • 3 sheets of frames 
  • Sticker sheets
  • 2 sheets of double sided stickers        
  • 90 rhinestone stickers
  • Plastic beads in different colors
  • Sheet of double sided foam
  • Thread in different colors
  • 4 sheets of foil
  • 2 metallic needles with a threader 
  • Instructions
:Style Me Up
Weight:0.88 (lb)
Dimensions:29.2 X 30.5 X 5 (cm)


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