i-loom Starter Pack

Learn, make and share countless possibilities of friendship bracelets with the i-loom Starter Pack by Style Me Up. Use the device to set up your materials and keep them organized to maximize your knotting.

Download the Premium i-loom App included in the set to learn various knotting techniques and complete simple to complex projects. Browse and choose from an ever-growing library of bracelet i-Patterns or create your own using the unique Pattern Creator.

Visit the app to unlock up to 5 i- Patterns including Always Chevron and Jagged Arrowhead. Each Starter Kit includes 6 spools of colored string, numbered spool tags along with 3 basic and 2 deluxe locks to help you complete your creations. i-loom is the ultimate experience for both beginners and experts – i-loom lets you go beyond bracelet making!

iPad not included.
  • i-loom friendship bracelet device
  • 6 spools of different colors
  • Full premium iOS i-loom app
  • 5 i-loom bracelet locks
  • 18 spool tags
  • 5 i-patterns 
  • Instructions
Weight:1.1 (lb)
Dimensions:45.1 X 34.9 X 6.4 (cm)


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Kia on 08-11-2016 wrote a comment...
how much does it cost????
Go Coasties on 06-21-2016 wrote a comment...
Can you use this without Apple products (or any electronics) or do you have to use a electronic.
Hi!  You can use the i-loom device on its own, however it will only serve as a setup tool to help organize your bacelet making.  Combine the i-loom with the app for the whole i-loom experience. Hope this helps!
Shez on 06-18-2016 wrote a comment...
Does it work with iPad Pro 9.7
Jessie on 05-03-2016 wrote a comment...
Hey I just wanted to know when the I-loom set up tool would be available for purchase and how much it would cost? As I got the I-loom and saw the set up tool on the back of the box and immediately wanted to get it!
sweat girl on 04-09-2016 wrote a comment...
How Much dose it Cost in b.c and how much in germany
XxSweetpickaxexX on 03-17-2016 wrote a comment...
Is it available in the UK and
It will be availble this Summer in the UK.
BRINNA on 03-14-2016 wrote a comment...
In the US, you can buy it at Amazon.com, Yoyo.com, Marbles the Brain Stores, in selected Learning Express and Michaels and in Canada, you can buy it at Mastermind, in selected Indigos and Toys "R" Us stores. i-loom is not available outside of North America.
Luna on 03-12-2016 wrote a comment...
Hi I was just wanting to know if I wanted to purchase the I-loom starter kit and I am in Australia, how would I do this?
It is not available in Australia yet.
PrincessLove on 03-09-2016 wrote a comment...
Hi my name is love um I'm from California and Idk if its in the US yet... ^~^
Luna on 03-04-2016 wrote a comment...
What season will it come out in Australia?
Sorry, no release date yet.