YOUTUBE PICKS: 5 Super Cute Nail designs

Yes – awesome nail art can be this easy and simple! Watch how you can create 5 designs with no nail tools! This nail tutorial is perfect for beginners since it shows the projects step-by-step and you can easily make them at home! These work with short nails as well as long nails! So forget nail art tools, get your favorite nail polish colors and try these adorable nail art designs. This is perfect for a nail party with your besties!
April 17, 2015


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Aanika on 08-02-2016 wrote a comment...
Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so cool!
Hermione Granger on 12-26-2015 wrote a comment...
I was thinking it`s a bunny, not a mouse. ;-)
Sparkles_star_22 on 12-17-2015 wrote a comment...
For the flower one Do you have to leave the white to dry and then paint the flowers on?
Hermione Granger on 12-08-2015 wrote a comment...
I love the last one and the bunny ones
cutebeastie on 09-08-2015 on 11-02-2015 wrote a comment...
i love the bunny ones
megy on 09-08-2015 wrote a comment...
I like the braid one it's cool!!
megy on 09-08-2015 wrote a comment...
So cute!!!
lovemenot101 on 09-08-2015 wrote a comment...
i like the last one the best i think it is the easiest
stacypop on 07-13-2015 wrote a comment...
It is too much for me but i like it
2coolcliquegurl on 07-13-2015 wrote a comment...
That's super cool but way to hard with just a nail brush:( Plus a little childish dont ya think?
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