Find out how to make beautiful artwork using permanent marker ink and rubbing alcohol, which you can also substitute for nail polish remover. If you want to keep this DIY kid-friendly, use water-soluble markers; in this case water would create a similar effect. For a better quality finish, we suggest you use a canvas, or something thick as a base for your art since regular paper tends to get damaged when wet. There are so many different styles you can explore like tie-dye, mock crayon melting, galaxy, watercolor effects and so much more. Add glitter, stickers or any other craft materials to personalize your piece. This technique is a great way to create unique art to decorate your room – they also make great gifts!
April 10, 2015


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love yourself 1012386 on 07-13-2016 wrote a comment...
omg so cool i even love sharpies they are my favourite marker brand it seems so cool and fun ! lol
mini on 03-04-2016 wrote a comment...
love sharpies, love you, love your loombands!!!!! galaxy and crayon is my fav!
Miss A on 12-26-2015 wrote a comment...
I like the pink and purple one I also like the galaxy one
KIKI on 08-22-2015 wrote a comment...
I like the galaxy one
sar-sar 999 on 08-11-2015 wrote a comment...
I like the pinkish purplish one
karladriana on 05-31-2015 wrote a comment...
I live in Panama
Sachi on 05-15-2015 wrote a comment...
Very nice diying!! I am going to tell my teacher about this!! I like the Crayon melting. I loved this video. I would give it 100 stars!!! My friends would say it's so awesome. Thanks for giving the inspration!!
MEH3 on 05-09-2015 wrote a comment...
I am going to make one!
Lali on 05-03-2015 wrote a comment...
Awesome video
Cassy on 04-27-2015 wrote a comment...
Sooo cool
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