Watch the unboxing and making of Charmazing DIY charm bracelets!   See how easy and fun it is to create your own stunning bracelets with over 100 unique charms for 13 themed collections.   Use the Charmastation to organize your materials and for a little crafting help.  A variety of colorful beads, thread and gem chains lets you add a personal touch to your creations!   For the full experience download the Charmazing app – activate your destiny!
May 1, 2015


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fabgirl22 on 03-25-2016 wrote a comment...
Wow! I just want to know: what is the 'target' and where do you get the charmazing kit because it's charmazing!
Hi! Taget is a chaine of retail stores in the US.  Charmazing is also availabe at Toys'R'Us, Meijer, Learning Express, Amazon, Shopko and Joann.  You can also order it right here on Enjoy!
Gabi on 01-15-2016 wrote a comment...
I can name almost all charms: NATURE WORLD: wild life: butterfly, bear,monkey, fox, owl, lion, frog, dog, cat, rabbit, mouse, swan, squrrlel, scarab. seaside: lighthouse, seahorse, anchor, boat, buoy, crab, palmtree, dolphin, starfish, flip flops, turtle, surf, octopus (Virtual), shell. seasons: butterfly, sky, deer, snowflake, apple, tree of life summer, tree of life spring, tree of life autumn, tree of life winter, hibiscus, tulip, bird, sun, acorn enchanted: mermaid, unicorn, fairy, dragon power: water, fire, earth, air. cristal: pearlescent, cyan, teal, yellow, deep blue, limegreen, emerald. KARMA WORLD: gemstone: clear ,hot pink, light pink, violet, Lilac emoji: right, smiley, peace, yolo, laugh, angel, FAV, hashtag, bestie, evil, love, cool, amused, party heart: ying yang, winged heart, ribbon heart, love, peace, I love peace, infinity love, peace dove, key of love, forever love, bff, arrow heart, best friends, lucky: budha, lucky frog, lucky seven, fatima hand, ankh ,clover, lucky cat, lady bug, horseshoe, lucky star symbol: dream, love, harmony, happiness, health, friends, luck, beauty, after I will send season 2
Gabi on 01-05-2016 wrote a comment...
make a giveaway!! #you´re lucky
Miss A on 12-26-2015 wrote a comment...
Omg super cute
Madeleine on 08-17-2015 wrote a comment...
I have a plain charmazing kit, and other than securing it its super cute and easy.
Sandy on 05-22-2015 wrote a comment...
You are awesome
The Style Me Up Team on 05-19-2015 wrote a comment...
@via you don't need to register to visit the site, that feature is for online shopping and we are working on activating it shortly!
via on 05-16-2015 wrote a comment...
how do you register?
via on 05-16-2015 wrote a comment...
I love the jewelry
PUPPY LOVER on 05-09-2015 wrote a comment...
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