Style Me Up VOL.1, NO.2 The Glam Glitter Glam Issue

When we first started talking about doing a Glam Glitter Glam issue I basically jumped for joy. Could it be that I would be spending the next couple months deep in glitter DIY projects? The dream…

The answer is yes, I totally got to try out a bunch of fabulous, fancy, glimmering projects and create glitter mood boards on Pinterest to share with you guys. But through this project, I also had the chance to learn so much about what makes a glam attitude.

To be glam, is to feel glamorous! Of course a great outfit or the perfect accessory can help you feel confident, but ultimately glam comes from within! You’ll find a stunning 16-page lookbook in this upcoming issue to practice your fashion sketching, but what will truly make you shine is being yourself.

We had a chance to talk with some members of the Tween Stars Live crew about what makes them feel glam. Find out what their passions are in a series of interviews we’ll be posting online!

Don’t forget to always have fun, be inspired and get creative! Flip through the pages of the mag for tons of DIY ideas, games, behind-the-scenes, plus, read your Glamscope to find out what your zodiac says about your glam go-tos.  We even made a video for you guys to watch online!

There’s always more then meets the eye – visit our social media to get the scoop on our latest upcoming projects like our new line of Zip Tops!

Follow my cute puppy, Cupcakes, and I in The Adventures of Saffy Cakes, intern diaries.
Don’t be shy, drop me a line and tell us what you think of the mag. We’d love to hear your ideas so we can make the next issue even more glamorous! 



Hey guys, I’m Saffy! Obsessed with fashion and DIY projects in general. My friends call me “Cakes” because I’m a huge lover of layering; it’s my favorite thing ever. Aspiring fashion editor studying Arts and Design while interning for Style Me Up. Trendsetter all about mixing colors, textures and styles to create pretty things. Fashion should be fun, so be you and experiment! Runway, driveway, hallway are the same to me. My daily mission is to make the best out of every outfit. I want to share all my favorite things with you!

March 17, 2016


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Mégan on 08-18-2016 wrote a comment...
l too l'll read it to moin ten times a day
EMERALDPRINCESS0824 on 07-09-2016 wrote a comment...
This is SO awesome!
ELLİE on 06-18-2016 wrote a comment...
OMG I will immediately go
fashionista120 on 06-01-2016 wrote a comment...
OMG that was like my fave page!
Designergirl226 on 05-28-2016 wrote a comment...
is there is a replacing princess silhouette to design on? #Pleasehelpme!!! -Designergirl226
Hi!  We have some sketchbook print out sihouettes available in the Games section!
Ellie yolo on 05-01-2016 wrote a comment...
this page is so gool and i thing is the coolest page in the word
Strawberry292 on 04-09-2016 wrote a comment...
OMG! I DON'T EVEN HAVE THE FIRST ONE! I live in Tampa! its not at barns and noble its not at any other store in the magazine section! WHERE CAN YOU BUY IT! :(
Hi! Visit the Where To Buy section for a retail location near you, or order here!
TWINKLELOVEQUEEN on 03-25-2016 wrote a comment...
MIAALLHEARTED on 03-20-2016 wrote a comment...
I have it!
Noni on 03-18-2016 wrote a comment...
wow! this is my first time opening this app. iam happy i have company
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