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STAR FOCUS: Zendaya Coleman

Shake It Up and Pop It Out!


Pop Color fashion is all about mixing fun, vibrant tones with urban street wear to create your unique playful looks.  Singer, dancer and Disney Channel’s Shake It Up actress Zendaya Coleman, is all about it!

The star makes urban-chic look effortless.  Whether she’s in a floor-length gown or a sporty crop top, Zendaya always looks flawless on the red carpet. She has fun putting together original outfits with her stylist, Law Roach, who says the star’s look is very tomboyish.  In an interview with Teen Vogue, Law explains how the starlet selects her outfits.  Law and his team create a bunch of options after reviewing various fashion shows and editorial websites, and they present them to her in a fitting session.  Together, they select looks that mirror Zendaya’s mood and radiant personality!

We love that she always adds a touch of playfulness to her looks. A very active young woman, you can often find her in sportswear – some of her fashion staple pieces include leggings, loose tees and sleeveless vests.  It’s no wonder Zendaya’s shoe game is always on point – the star collects high tops!

When it comes to makeup, the celeb likes a more natural look using lots of neutral tones, unless she’s hitting the red carpet for a star-filled event! And there’s no shortage of that in her action packed life – Oh My!


  • Caps and beanies in all colors
  • Crop tops
  • Watches in all sizes
  • Jewelry, she has a thing for hoop earrings
  • Awesome manicures, her nails are always on point
  • All about sneakers, especially high tops

March 19, 2015


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Rihanna on 04-04-2016 wrote a comment...
I wish she were my sistwr
Rihanna on 04-04-2016 wrote a comment...
She is super beautiful
Rihanna on 04-04-2016 wrote a comment...
Zendaya is amazing. I love her style and music.
fabgirl22 on 03-25-2016 wrote a comment...
Wowzer! She is totally awesome!
Niki on 03-05-2016 wrote a comment...
Zendaya is my idol. I love her style! :)
FashionistaDancer1989 on 03-05-2016 wrote a comment...
Amazing, Pretty, Adorb.. SHE'S THE DEFINITION OF COVERGIRL!! Easy, Breezy, Beautiful..CoverGirl :)
Strawberry292 on 01-23-2016 wrote a comment...
She Pretty! ;)
Strawberry292 on 01-23-2016 wrote a comment...
Wasn't she also on Zap? O well she is pretty!
Pretty Fashion Kitty on 01-01-2016 wrote a comment...
Off the chartssssssss
FashionAngel_777 on 08-19-2015 wrote a comment...
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