STAR FOCUS: Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez is the ultimate cool girl. The actress and singer’s style has evolved from her Disney Channel days and we can see that she has become a sophisticated young lady.


You have probably spotted her out an about lately, sans Le Bieber, and always with the paparazzi in the entourage. From wearing the perfect sneakers to compliment her street style, or an elegant gown on the red carpet, this brunette bombshell always looks fantastic! You can usually spot the petite star rocking a laid back look with jeans, a tee tucked in, topped off with the perfect high heel or low rider shoe. But when it comes to the red carpet, Selly knows how to glam up! 

Selena manages to looks effortlessly chic, no problem. The star has mastered the balance of perfectly combining comfort and casual for a stunning look!

Style Tips:

  • Comfort is key. Selena makes sneakers look oh-so good! Sneakers are the perfect everyday item that you can rock.
  • The perfect pair of jeans. We love skinny denim with subtle rips in the knees. Totally edgy and on trend!
  • In cooler weather, Selena is always spotted rocking a nice, warm knit! Oversized cardigans and pullovers are your best friend and so cozy!
  • Accessories, accessories, accessories! Whether it’s a necklace, bracelet, ring, earrings or wide brimmed hat, Selena is always spotted with the coolest accessories to top off her outfit!

Cool Girl Dressing:

Cool Girl style means looking good and feeling comfortable! You’re not in clothing that you have to spend your day adjusting because you have mastered the casual, chic comfortable look. Your outfit can take you from school to practice to hanging out with your friends, no problem! Cool girl knows that being comfortable and looking good is an art form and you have it totally figured out!
January 25, 2016


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Rihanna on 04-04-2016 wrote a comment...
I love her style. It's amazing.
FashionistaDancer1989 on 03-05-2016 wrote a comment...
Im a Urban Chic kind-of-style girl. But, I love Sel's style! Her, Taylor and Zendaya are my ultimate idols.
Harji on 02-20-2016 wrote a comment...
i am defo tryin this one out
pere on 02-18-2016 wrote a comment...
Vivian on 02-10-2016 wrote a comment...
I think this is awesome ??
Míša on 02-01-2016 wrote a comment...
Úžasné selenu Gómez prostě miluju
girly sloth on 01-28-2016 wrote a comment...
love selenas music
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