DIY PROJECTS: Pom-pom garland diy

To make your first pom-pom, begin by wrapping one of your 7.7 yards strings of yarn around your piece of cardboard. Once you’ve wrapped the entire 7.7 yards, carefully slide your bundle of yarn off your cardboard.
Use one of your 10" cut pieces of yarn (in the same color) and tie it around the center of your bundle of yarn. Next, cut your wrapped yarn bundle on either side.
Once your yarn is cut on either side, you can begin to fluff up your pom-pom and trim around the edges to give it a nice, round shape. Make sure not to cut your 10" string tied in the middle just yet, you will use this string to attach your pom-pom to your garland. Once you have repeated steps 1-5 for all 10 pom-poms (2 in each color of yarn you selected) you will want to lay out all your pom-poms in the order that you want to attach them onto the garland.
Next, grab your 2.2 yards string of yarn. Tie each pom-pom on to the string using a simple double knot. Once all of your pom-poms are tied to you garland, you will be able to easily adjust the spacing of your pom-poms by sliding them along the yarn. Once you’ve tied all the pom-poms onto your garland, you can trim the tails of your center tie on each pom-pom so it is the same length as the rest of your yarn.
Now, it’s time to hang your garland anywhere you want!  

March 2, 2016


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Isabelle on 08-21-2016 wrote a comment...
I have tried it ten times and it never works so confusing
Mégan on 08-18-2016 wrote a comment...
cool l'll do the times
Abriana on 08-01-2016 wrote a comment...
so cool!
Mayo on 07-28-2016 wrote a comment...
super cute!
Water Dragon on 07-25-2016 wrote a comment...
This is so chic!!?
Water Dragon on 07-14-2016 wrote a comment...
Super cute
Sophia loves on 07-10-2016 wrote a comment...
Thea_glam.sparkle on 06-06-2016 wrote a comment...
so cool i love it
the queen of michigan on 05-21-2016 wrote a comment...
im going to try this
alex on 04-24-2016 wrote a comment...
I really want to try this. It is like beyond super cute!
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