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You don’t have to be looking at your phone screen to see the latest craze – emojis are everywhere! 

Fashion designers are letting emojis do the talking and we’re hearing them loud and clear!

I’m not ashamed to admit I use emojis to convey over 80% of my feelings, stories and moods.  They’re awesome for so many reasons, one being that they’re very much open to interpretation depending on the context they’re used in.  So when you kind of wanna say something, not sure how to reply or just feel super playful these little guys are perfect!  Secondly, can anyone contest the fact that they make communication so much fun?  They’re such a cute addition to texts, captions or accessories.  We all have our favorites and inside jokes with friends – I like to personalize my besties’ contact info with them.

Brace yourself for much more of these tiny cartoon figures on apparel, jewelry and playful accessory collections of all types.  Recently, I’ve been resting my head on an emoji-covered pillowcase – don’t judge me, lol.

Emojis won’t solve all our miscommunication problems, but they give us a new way to play with language and to express our emotional state.  You might wanna consider adding a touch of cool, clever emoji-humor to your look!

Which ones are your fav?



Hey guys, I’m Saffy! Obsessed with fashion and DIY projects in general. My friends call me “Cakes” because I’m a huge lover of layering; it’s my favorite thing ever. Aspiring fashion editor studying Arts and Design while interning for Style Me Up. Trendsetter all about mixing colors, textures and styles to create pretty things. Fashion should be fun, so be you and experiment! Runway, driveway, hallway are the same to me. My daily mission is to make the best out of every outfit. I want to share all my favorite things with you!

June 15, 2015


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floral girl on 08-25-2016 wrote a comment...
EMOJIs are the BEST!!!!!!!
fabgirl22 on 03-25-2016 wrote a comment...
Emojis are great!
wafer101 on 03-06-2016 wrote a comment...
i love that i love when i say love i mean love emojis
Sloth girl on 01-01-2016 wrote a comment...
i love emojis
Maria on 12-19-2015 wrote a comment...
Real cool
Pinky on 11-20-2015 wrote a comment...
I totally love emojis and duh I don't like plain iPhone cases
Evie Duck on 11-06-2015 wrote a comment...
emoji's are awsome!
Little_Miss_B on 10-22-2015 wrote a comment...
cool! my BFF just wore an emoji t-shirt today! Very awesome how people turned emojis into fashion!
madi on 10-10-2015 wrote a comment...
I love DIY and emoji's. I wish someone could create a DIY emoji craft. I would do it when I got the time to.
avatar00990normal on 10-04-2015 wrote a comment...
Cool.i never realized how many different things Emojis have.but I see lots of people strutting the emoji fashion.(sadly I'm not one of them)?
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