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My favorite part of fashion is, hands down, accessorizing. 

I just love discovering new trend pieces to weave into my every day looks!  But as much as I like the new, some fashion accessories will always remain classic must-haves.  Charm bracelets, for instance, are one of these timeless pieces – they are hotter than ever!

A quick fun charm history recap!
Bracelets have been around forever, but it was the Egyptians who were the first to start decorating jewelry with charms.   Later, Queen Victoria brought the little ornaments back as luxury items.  Charms really exploded into mainstream fashion when the first plastic materials were engineered.  You could find them in gumball machines, cereal and candy boxes – they were mostly based on comic strips.   

After the war, soldiers brought cute trinkets back for their sweethearts and craftsmen began making replicas to put on jewelry.  Charm bracelets became popular accessories for girls and women as a way to mark major events like sweet 16th bdays, graduations and travels – like an arm candy scrapbook!
Today top designers, artisanal jewelers, toy developers and people of all ages are making charm jewelry. 

Why are charms so hot? 

Fashion is all about creative expression.  Wearing a charm is a very personal thing; it’s a statement-making accessory.  Whether you’re wearing your favorite symbol, zodiac, initials, locket or just a cute little trinket, they can be edgy, fun, and sweet all at once!

With so many cute little charms available – I just can’t make up my mind!  The struggle is real, lol… Thankfully, stacking your wrists with charm-loaded bangles is totally in!

Charm them with great accessories!



Hey guys, I’m Saffy! Obsessed with fashion and DIY projects in general. My friends call me “Cakes” because I’m a huge lover of layering; it’s my favorite thing ever. Aspiring fashion editor studying Arts and Design while interning for Style Me Up. Trendsetter all about mixing colors, textures and styles to create pretty things. Fashion should be fun, so be you and experiment! Runway, driveway, hallway are the same to me. My daily mission is to make the best out of every outfit. I want to share all my favorite things with you!

January 23, 2015


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fashionflair on 02-15-2016 wrote a comment...
totes agree! I love alex and ani bracelets and I have two silver ones. When I visited india I got 6 charm bangles and now I have 4 silver 4 gold readymade bangles. also, charmazing is plentiful and I have a tray with all of my beads + charms.
Lali on 05-04-2015 wrote a comment...
So cool you guys
Lola on 04-30-2015 wrote a comment...
I love it tots awesome cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute
Pus on 04-09-2015 wrote a comment...
I likeed the one with the crown on
lacie on 02-15-2015 wrote a comment...
too cute
Paris Girl <3 on 02-09-2015 wrote a comment...
OMG love it sooooooo much! Absolutely adorable!!!!!
perry on 02-06-2015 wrote a comment...
Blandrea on 02-05-2015 wrote a comment...
I like the hello kitty one
Gena on 02-02-2015 wrote a comment...
I love the Kity one
Saskura on 01-31-2015 wrote a comment...
Wow! Cool
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