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I’ve been eagerly awaiting warmer weather to add vibrant color to my wardrobe, accessories and … Hair! 

I’m totally guilty of craving that awesome bright rainbow colored hair stylists are propelling on the runway, in music video and magazines.  Can you really blame me?

Adding a dash of color to your hairstyle can really tie a look together.  It’s edgy, original and rebellious, so obviously I need it, lol.  But will I need it tomorrow, or next month? Probably not, so why go permanent?

I recently got into ‘Chalking’, and it has given my hair life! Chalking offers a hair coloring technique that’s nontoxic, safe and best of all, temporary, so you’re not frying your beautiful locks!  All you need is a piece of chalk – that’s my kind of DIY beauty project!

In just 3 steps you can add color effect to any hairstyle.  First, you’ll need a good quality wax chalk; you can find many different shades in art supply and craft shops.  Second, if applying to darker hair, spray a little water first, this will help the color pop. For lighter hair, the chalk can be applied to dry hair. Finally, once the hair is completely dry, lock in that color with a curling iron, straighteners, or hairdryer. This last step is optional, but I find it helps seal in the color for longer wear.

I love trend hunting!  Although staying current with fashion can be a challenge, let’s get real, trends change faster than Nicki Minaj’s hair color – basically on the daily!

I’ve realized that just as rapidly as I get excited about trends, I get bored of them – soooo over it!  Luckily, not all new hot fashion crazes require a full commitment or transformation to get the look just right! Hair Chalking is a great way to use your imagination and get creative.  Best of all, if you’re not into it, wash it out!



Hey guys, I’m Saffy! Obsessed with fashion and DIY projects in general. My friends call me “Cakes” because I’m a huge lover of layering; it’s my favorite thing ever. Aspiring fashion editor studying Arts and Design while interning for Style Me Up. Trendsetter all about mixing colors, textures and styles to create pretty things. Fashion should be fun, so be you and experiment! Runway, driveway, hallway are the same to me. My daily mission is to make the best out of every outfit. I want to share all my favorite things with you!

April 1, 2015


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Strawberry292 on 04-17-2016 wrote a comment...
this is temporary right?
Absolutely, all it takes is one shampoo and it's all out!
Strawberry292 on 04-17-2016 wrote a comment...
I can't wait to try this I'm going to chalk my hair purple and blue ombre
Black Princess on 03-25-2016 wrote a comment...
I soooo want this but i haven`t seen this in korea
fabgirl22 on 03-25-2016 wrote a comment...
I got hair chalk for my birthday today I'm gonna try it out
Conn on 03-18-2016 wrote a comment...
This is so cool I've tryed it
Strawberry292 on 02-18-2016 wrote a comment...
So Cool
Leyna on 10-04-2015 wrote a comment...
so cool
clemmie on 08-18-2015 wrote a comment...
hi i did my sisters hair i love it !!!!
Sushilover on 05-25-2015 wrote a comment...
this is so pretty in my hair
Roksana17 on 05-09-2015 wrote a comment...
Hi I want to ask you where to get that in luton United Kingdom cause I want to make it please answer me back my email is [email protected] thx
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