HOW TO'S: Style Me Up Sweet Links

How sweet it is to make your own accessories with the Style Me Up Sweet Links Bracelets! Watch the video to see how to easily wave mini barbell beads into stunning bracelets!

November 13, 2014


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SadLink on 08-13-2016 wrote a comment...
I don't understand the string part when you start and how to set the string up. Please do a video talking and showing well how to do it.
Purrfect girl on 08-05-2016 wrote a comment...
Super cute! My question is why is it called sweet links bracelet?
Great product on 07-25-2016 wrote a comment...
Great product but I've lost the instructions and can't find the booklet online
There is an instructional video on the page as well as a download intruction PDF file.
Sophielovesstylemeup on 12-30-2015 wrote a comment...
That's cool
Lou7482 on 08-16-2015 wrote a comment...
I tried to set up the links like in the video but they keep falling out. If I do get all the links in then I have trouble snapping the blue top on. My daughter was so excited about making bracelets but we can't get it to work.
Frusparent on 07-25-2015 wrote a comment...
This product is designed to drive both parents n kids crazy. Impossible to set the links onto the bracelet maker
sofiacuellar 0704 on 06-01-2015 wrote a comment...
so fast but cooool
IraKlaap on 05-18-2015 wrote a comment...
Не понятно как плести
Cool girl 123 on 05-04-2015 wrote a comment...
Too fast for me to follow, but cool!
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