HOW TO'S: Style Me Up Mega Knitting Kit

Perfect your knitting skills with this detailed Style Me Up knitting tutorial.  Learn how to create a gorgeous beanie hat, pair of arm warmers and necklace scarf from beginning to end. Master the easy-to-use knitting looms and use the assorted materials in the Mega Knitting Kit to get the full knitting experience. Wear, share and personalize your style with your creations!
January 15, 2015


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Iris Dragonoure on 03-13-2016 wrote a comment...
II need the instructions pdf because I lost mine and I'm trying to make a beanie. Help.
You can download the instructions here:
Little Clucker on 02-21-2016 wrote a comment...
You should add directions to this site. Otherwise awesome!
Craft girl on 02-12-2016 wrote a comment...
So quiet
code 123 on 12-29-2015 wrote a comment...
how do you make a hat
Missybay on 12-27-2015 wrote a comment...
My brother got me this for Christmas and it came with a small ring with only four prongs, what it that small ring for?
emma 202 on 1-07-2015 on 07-01-2015 wrote a comment...
how to make wick ?????
cutie 202 on 03-19-2015 wrote a comment...
I like this application because its AWESOME
cutie boolon on 03-16-2015 wrote a comment...
Cool u r great
ezquilts on 03-14-2015 wrote a comment...
Bought scarf kit for my 6 year old grandaughter. It was so easy for her to do and so beautiful when it was done, I want to make one for myself. How much of the mini ladder yarn do I need?
kd12 on 03-03-2015 wrote a comment...
You are rocking
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