HOW TO DRAW: Denim Vest

A denim vest is des a must-have item for in-between seasons like spring!

It adds a layer of warmth without looking too chunky. It also adds a touch of cool to virtually any outfit, from sweet sundresses to your favorite vintage tee.  Look how easy it is to draw one in your favorite fashion sketchbooks. Let's get started! 

1.     Trace the general outline following the silhouette.

2.     Add buttons to your vest, draw the stitching and trace over the outline pressing your pencil down hard.

3. To get a washout effect: color the entire vest with a blue coloring pencil and darken areas near stitching and contour as seen in the example.
April 17, 2015


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0savannah335 on 07-24-2016 wrote a comment...
All of these are awsome!!?
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Wooooooow!!!!?That's cool!!!
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#thebest_diva_in_the_world on 05-08-2016 wrote a comment...
Loved the guide! Please make more!!!!!!
Thea_glam.sparkle on 05-06-2016 wrote a comment...
so damn cool
Fashionably121 on 04-09-2016 wrote a comment...
amazing guide, I used this
Schezzy on 12-25-2015 wrote a comment...
All this is so fabulous
Lizzy on 11-15-2015 wrote a comment...
Style me up you have the best ideas they really help me and i have to say its so cute that jaket and i`m your biggest fan
Gocoasties on 11-15-2015 wrote a comment...
They always make them look really good! When I do makeup I always mess up the makeup!
Polina on 10-27-2015 wrote a comment...
Wow ! Who can speak Rushin ?
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