DIY PROJECTS: Tie-Dye Shorts

You will need:
  • White shorts
  • 3 fabric spray paint colors: yellow, blue and pink
  • Large cloth 

1.    Lay your shorts flat on a cloth.  Insert a magazine inside each leg to avoid the dye seeping through to the other side of the shorts.

2.    To create a few stripes, apply the yellow spray in a horizontal line across the shorts.  

3.    Spray several times to make sure the material absorbs all the color!

4.    Repeat the same instructions with the blue and pink spray, slightly overlapping each stripe.  Once the colors are dry, turn the shorts over and do the same on the other side. 

P.S.  If you don't have a pair of white shorts, you can cut an old pair of pants, leggings or capris to the length of your choice! 
May 11, 2015


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Prenses Gül on 06-22-2016 wrote a comment...
Gerçek DIY böyle olur.Tek kelimeyle muhteşem...
Hermione Granger on 12-24-2015 wrote a comment...
I`m gonna try this!
Brownie22 on 12-02-2015 wrote a comment...
awesome i love the colors do you think you can do them with shirts, pants, etc?????!!?!?!?!?!?
Of course! Try it and tell us how it went!
Jane on 11-29-2015 wrote a comment...
Awesome I am so going to try it out
Leyna on 10-10-2015 wrote a comment...
i am so going to try
Livia on 09-20-2015 wrote a comment...
I love.
OmgSoftball03 on 09-11-2015 wrote a comment...
So cute I want to try
FashionistaGirl on 08-30-2015 wrote a comment...
So cool!
Madeleine on 08-17-2015 wrote a comment...
So cute and colorful!
ngirl10 on 08-04-2015 wrote a comment...
My cousin did this project and loved it , but added different decals . It looked so cool ;)
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