DIY PROJECTS: Ultra Chic Peter Pan Collar!

You will need:
  • 12 inches of ribbon
  • One sheet of felt
  • One sheet of paper
  • Glue gun or tube of strong glue
  • Hole puncher
  • 7 feet of plastic strung pearls
  • Pen
  • Scissors  
1. Fold your sheet of paper in two. Sketch half of your collar identical to the one from the model. Trace this form all the way to the end of the sheet of paper where it is folded. Then cut around your paper collar and unfold it to reveal your complete stencil.

2. Place the paper stencil of you collar on the sheet of felt, and trace the contour with your pen to clearly define the shape of your collar. Cut out your new felt collar!  You can toss the paper stencil.

3. On your felt collar, apply a thin strip of glue along the outer edges.

4. Carefully place a row of pearls the length you need on the thin strip of glue.  Be precise to avoid getting too much glue on the pearls.  Then let it dry.

5. Continue to apply the pearls as closely as possible to the first row, and let dry. Repeat; go for a third row, etc.

6. Once all the rows have been completed, you may notice certain areas where pearls are missing. You can add pearls in individually.

7. Happy with the result? Make a hole at each extremity of the collar with the hole puncher.  And click!

8. Cut your ribbon into two equal length pieces and thread one through each hole, securing a knot.

9. Make a pretty bow tying the two pieces of ribbon together.
November 17, 2014


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fabgirl22 on 03-25-2016 wrote a comment...
Just one question here… Why's it called a peter pan collar? If the answer's in the instructions tell me because I only skimmed through the instructions.
Hi! It is named after the collar of Peter Pan's costume.
Queengirl on 03-20-2016 wrote a comment...
That's amazing and I'll try to make it
urqueenaileene on 03-07-2016 wrote a comment...
i will try this
tugga on 07-26-2015 wrote a comment...
well well well what we have here is cool
tina on 06-08-2015 wrote a comment...
CUTE, Beautiful and lovely...gotta try it... :) Thanks a lot....gonna improve my dresses.. :)
Whitney on 05-27-2015 wrote a comment...
How do you do that, that is awesome
Lali on 05-04-2015 wrote a comment...
Peter Pan?
Lola on 04-30-2015 wrote a comment...
Doing it, love it, finito
glitter210lovefashion on 04-26-2015 wrote a comment...
i think that is so easy to do, looks hard but so easy steps
cherryblossom on 03-23-2015 wrote a comment...
How is it Peter Pan?
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