DIY PROJECTS: Customize Your Top

Sweatshirts and hoodies are making a major comeback in urban fashion. How amazing would it be to rock tops with your own designs? This technique is so simple you’ll wanna deck out your whole wardrobe, and I don't blame you! Ready, set, rock chic here we come!

You will need:
  • A solid color sweatshirt 
  • Rhinestones (with flatback are even better to stick)
  • Textile glue

1. Pick the rhinestones you’d like to use, and then place them on your sweat to create your design.

2. Put a drop of textile glue on each rhinestone and place them on your sweat. Repeat unlit you have recreated your design.

3. Get creative – mix and match rhinestone shapes and sizes.  There’s no right or wrong way to make your designs!

PS – Thrown some color rhinestones in to shake up your stud fashion creations! 
December 31, 2014


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Purrfect girl on 08-04-2016 wrote a comment...
Pretty cute, I guess
Thea_glam.sparkle on 05-04-2016 wrote a comment...
I so agree with you fabgirl22
fabgirl22 on 03-23-2016 wrote a comment...
Wow! And also I like your name Hermione Granger
Bethany on 02-21-2016 wrote a comment...
This is super cute.
Hermione Granger on 12-24-2015 wrote a comment...
I love it!
ARTIST DESIGNER 2110 on 10-29-2015 wrote a comment...
it is a great inspiration to artists and to persons that like creating things.
leyna on 10-28-2015 wrote a comment...
so cool
Leyna on 10-10-2015 wrote a comment...
cute top
stacypop on 07-13-2015 wrote a comment...
I already know that style me up is interesting.PS:i like this top
Lali on 05-04-2015 wrote a comment...
WOW so cool
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